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Please complete the application below to request electric service. A Member Service Representative will contact you to complete set-up.
If you have any questions regarding new service, please contact us at 325-793-8500.

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Member Portal Access:
We offer a portal for online bill payment and account management.  If you would like access to your account online, please create a password and password hint now for easy access to your account at https://payonline.taylorelectric.com/oscp/.  Please note: Passwords must be a combination of letters and numbers.

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You will need to provide a copy of the rental agreement or contract/deed showing ownership.
This may be faxed to (325)795-8120. or emailed to billingdept@taylorelectric.coop.

Easy Pay Program or Monthly Billing: 
Taylor Electric Cooperative offers two billing options: (1) Our most popular is the Easy Pay Program - a pay before consumption option that allows you to avoid paying a deposit. You deposit money into your account and add money as you use electricity and your account balance decreases. You can set up text, email and telephone alerts to track your usage and account balance. Click here for more information on Easy Pay. (2) Monthly Billing is an after consumption option which may require a security deposit. The security deposit required will range from $0-$500 based on utility credit reporting.

Once your account has been created, you will receive an email or phone call with the total amount that will need to be paid before service is connected.

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Access Fiber provides high speed, fiber based internet service at competitive rates. For more information click here. Would you like for us to contact you about Access Fiber? (yes or no)  *
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*there is a monthly cost for an outdoor light.
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Would you like to participate in Operation Round Up?
Your bill will be rounded up to the nearest dollar to help area volunteer fire departments. Operation Round Up funds are distributed to all member volunteer fire departments.
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*a $5 monthly credit will be applied when you chose Ebill and you participate in Auto Pay
The applicant (the ‘Member’) hereby completed this application and agrees to purchase service from Taylor Electric Cooperative, Inc. (the ‘Cooperative’) upon the Residential terms and conditions and/or Commercial terms and conditions. By checking this box you are agreeing to the respective Residential and/or Commercial terms and conditions of Taylor Electric Cooperative. 

By submitting this application request, I consent to allow Taylor Electric Cooperative to run a check to verify that my social security number and the name on my application match and/or to determine if a security deposit is required. I also give Taylor Electric Cooperative express consent to send SMS text alerts, emails and phone calls to inform me of account activity such as billing and outages.  If my mobile phone number or email address changes, I agree to notify Taylor Electric Cooperative of these changes or update my account profile information through https://taylorelectric.com/.

Easy Pay Program:
I agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Easy Pay Program.

We will send you a daily email and/or text notification(s) showing your daily usage and balance and we will also send you a text message when your balance gets low. You can manage your notifications and alerts at https://taylorelectric.com/

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